Our History. Your Future Building Partner.

Just over 80 years ago, in Washington D.C., Beauchamp Construction Co., Inc. planted its roots. In 1936, our country was on the brink of entering the Second World War. While the country's young men were preparing to join the military effort, its women flocked to the workforce to keep up with the growing demand for domestic production to support the war effort. It was with this backdrop that Victor R. Beauchamp and his wife Helen, grew their engineering and construction business. In a post-war nation, the economy and population of the U.S. boomed. Homegrown companies such Beauchamp Construction helped construct our nation's buildings, monuments and infrastructure.

In 1954, in one of many crowning achievements to come, we constructed the Iwo Jima Memorial outside the walls of the National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. The Memorial is dedicated to all personnel of the United States Marine Corps who have died in the defense of their country since 1775. The Memorial stands as a symbol of the strength of the nation, and for Beauchamp Construction as a symbol of the values to which we aspire.

In 1980, with this long and proud history already behind it, Beauchamp Construction opened a new chapter and expanded to the South Florida community. A Miami mainstay, in the past 40 years, Beauchamp has become an award winning and leading general contractor completing hundreds of projects.

Surviving wars, recessions, booms and busts, Beauchamp Construction continues to grow and prosper. Today, Beauchamp Construction prides itself on the same core values as it did over 80 years ago — "Capability, Integrity and Value".